We make CHange detection Easy  

Our focus is applied computer vision

Our business is bringing the innovative world of computer vision to bare in solving a wide range of industry-challenging problems.  Whether you’re aiming to improve the effectiveness of your existing systems and people or looking to expand those resources, Flux Tensor has a solution for you.

Co-founded by Dr. K. Palaniappan (Pal) and Dr. Steve O’Connor, the company applies its core mathematical and algorithmic computer vision capabilities to real world environments to support security, surveillance, architecture and engineering applications, as well as other industry applications focused on detecting and quantifying change for improved situational awareness. 



executive team

Steve O’Connor,  Chief Executive Officer – Ph.D, California Institute of Technology

Steve is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years high-tech start-up experience. With more than 50 issued US patents, Dr. O’Connor brings a wide breadth of experience in technology development, intellectual property, fundraising and business partnering. Steve leads the company development, customer engagement process, product design, usability and testing.

Steve has extensive experience with complex data analysis system (electronic detection of DNA using AC techniques and advanced harmonic detection, multi-data set normalization systems for parallel drug discovery, machine language learning for parallel home energy consumption applications.


K. (Pal) Palaniappan, Chief Technology Officer – Ph.D, University of Illinois and Professor, University of Missouri

Pal brings over 34 years of experience in advanced video analytics, software architecture and parallel implementation of image analytics, video processing, computer vision, AI, etc. Pal is the Principal Investigator on several multi-million DOD grants at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Dr. Palaniappan is the primary inventor of the Flux Tensor core-technologies and related US patents.

Pal is responsible for coordinating algorithm development, testing and evaluation for optimizing HPC architecture performance acceleration. He oversee the core development at Flux Tensor and interface with our other collaborators at the University of Missouri.



Chris Phillips, Chief Business Officer 

Chris brings over 25 years of experience in business development and solution architecture, focused on geospatial solutions and location services, supporting defense/intel and autonomous vehicle applications. Chris has been instrumental in developing location services for improved situational awareness in defense/intel. Experience includes partnering with system integrators and delivering joint technical integrations for C2 initiatives for DHS, NGA, SOCOM, ARL, NRL and other state/local and federal entities.

Chris holds a B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Colorado, Boulder.


Jason Peters, VP of Operations 

Jason is a highly skilled engineer with over 20 years progressive experience in application development, process improvement, product development, and technical management. Since 2003, Mr. Peters has directed the engineering, production, and much of the technical support for four organizations leading to the development of technically advanced products and processes.

Jason holds a M.S. in Material Science and Engineering from University of Utah. He is the author of many technical papers with related US patents awarded. 


Michael Boeding, Principal Software Engineer

Michael is a skilled application developer focusing on use of image and video processing techniques to create intelligent analysis software. Experience includes use of NVIDIA Graphical Processing Units to accelerate video and image processing and interpretation and translation of code to gain efficiencies in real time analytics. A core focus for Mr. Boeding is the application of deep learning and machine learning techniques to solve problems in the area of image processing. 

Michael holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Missouri, Columbia.